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Multi-Monitor Fullscreen Helper  v.1.1.2

Multi-Monitor Fullscreen Helper is a simple, easy to use tool mainly designed for multi-monitor users. It allows any program, that can be run in windowed mode, to be run in a fake fullscreen mode that can be alt-tabbed without minimizing. Very

Real Fullscreen  v.0.1

In fullscreen mode, the toolbar does not hide completely and leaves an annoying gray line at the top.

DDraw  v.1.0

Example of 256 colours fullscreen DirectDraw using IDirectDrawSurface7_BltFast.

Inzomia viewer  v.3.11

Inzomia image viewer 3 is a very fast free zooming image viewer that will allow you to spend more time viewing pictures and less time waiting.

ArtSee  v.1.97d

What It IsArtSee is a small graphics viewer. It displays the image files (JPG etc.) in a folder tree.Features and Options * Slideshow (slideshow, timer) * Sort (forward/reverse/random, name/created/modified/accessed) * Layer (normal, fullscreen,

Desktop Fun  v.1.0

Do you like jokes or to fool others ? Then, this program is for you. Choose deskop effect - it will be shown in preview window. You can choose some effects to run. Just select them with mouse. Button "Start" - launches effect in fullscreen mode.

GridaPic  v.1.0

GridaPic is a simple application which draws grids over your images. Any opened image is displayed initially at fullscreen size or, if it is smaller, at its actual pixel size. Scroll bars are not used and the image is centered on the screen. Only one

Groovy Wallpapers 4  v.1

40 funky small seamless backgrounds. Click on any graphic to see a fullscreen preview or start the download at the bottom of this

Kool Playa  v.

KoolPlaya will play any video file if you have the appropriate codecs installed and has lots of features. It offers you all of the following: Free zoom + fullscreen Customizeable interface Screenshot function Import extra audiotrack Easy

Pawclock  v.2.95

Pawclock is a configurable digital clock. Features Background picture changes according to the current time of day Theme packs for easy loading of new background pictures and clock colours Synchronise your PC clock with an atomic clock over the

StereoMovie Maker  v.0.93

The latest release of StereoMovie Maker supports fullscreen viewing on dual monitors or projectors. You may choose the left or right device as SMMs primary. The Help file is now available online (

WebCam Viewer  v.

WebCam Viewer is a small tool that allows you to monitor web cams from all over the world. The program can automatically refesh and cycle through the list of web cams. It can also run in fullscreen mode. WebCam Viewer comes pre-loaded with several

ArtSage  v.1.00.08

Art viewer and catalog What It Is ArtSage is a small graphics viewer. It displays the image files (JPG etc.) in a folder tree. Features and Options * Slideshow (slideshow, timer, windowed/fullscreen/wallpaper, stay on top) *

GrassGames' Sudoku for Mac OS  v.1.0

GrassGames’ Sudoku comes with: - 40 different puzzles - 4 different difficulty levels - Fullscreen and window modes - Look no further for a perfect Sudoku companion for your Mac.

Outswirl for Mac OS  v.1.0

You score points by rotating and placing blocks to make 2-by-2 squares, which are removed from the playing area by a beam of light. Outswirl has a relaxing soundtrack, optional fullscreen graphics, three different modes of gameplay, and if that

Polychromatic Funk Monkey for Mac OS  v.1.3.2

Help the eponymous monkey of funk to bring order and rhythm to his chaotic land. Arrange blocks into towering staircases to reach the sky and beyond - Bugfix - Added fullscreen mode

Fishie Fishie for Mac OS  v.1.3

A kaleidoscope of high speed sea food. It features a challenging one button fish control system, lovingly hand illustrated fish, fish related poetry, and fish. - Fullscreen now scales according to display resolution

PicCube for Mac OS  v.1.6

Put your favorite images into a floating display, or embed them into your desktop. Run the cube fullscreen and start and stop iTunes without interrupting the display. Optionally displays iTunes cover art for currently playing song. Keep your loved

Crossbow for Mac OS  v.0.1

An image browser and view er similar to ACDSee on Windows. Some key features include: - Thumbnail image browser with preview. - Image viewer with fullscreen slideshow. - Supports all Core Image file formats including jpeg, gif, png, tiff, pdf and

Pleinpot for Mac OS  v.1.9.4

With Pleinpot you add fullscreen panoramas on your web site in a snap. Just drop a VR file onto the window, choose eventually a sound file, add autorotate, type your comments, select the colors and font you want and press Export button. That’s

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